Block Machine

Made in Italy • Since 1989


Specialists in the Production of Appliances
for Prefabrication of Building Materials

Great experience in the design, construction and startup of world-class mechanical units.

Welcome to our company!

CAM S.a.s. is a company based in Musile di Piave (Venice - Italy) aimed at the manufacturing of mechanical equipment specifically designed for the concrete industry and particularly for the prefabrication of concrete blocks, kerbstones, paving stones in any shape and type etc.


C.A.M. S.a.s., founded in 1989, has gained so far a remarkable experience in R&d, designing, manufacturing a commissioning of all units which are located worldwide.

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Urged by a market paying more and more attention to the quality and features of the finished product, we have been able to optimize time by time 3 main machine typologies: mobile/egg layer and static units (which in turn can be subdivided in Manual, Semi-automatic and Automatic) and fully automatic plants.


With reference to the block making machines , the set of vibro-presses and moulds available in our production range, covers by now almost any market need as well as for the paving stones, despite of its continuous design innovation we are accustomed to, for basically either architectonical or town planning reasons.

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The manufacturing process is ruled by internal procedures which guarantee the finished product quality in full respect of the initial customer’s specifications.


Other than the standard production, CAM S.a.s. is able to develop all kind of moulds, addressed to the manufacturing of “ad hoc” prefabricated items to satisfy the end user requirements.

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- Quality
- Efficiency
- Customer Care
These are our main goals!


For any further information on our products and services, we invite you to contact our technical and sales office, we’ll be glad to offer our best attention to your inquiries.

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Our Main Products

Egg layer and stationary units for prefabrication of blocks, floors, kurbs
and many other building and urbanistic components.


C.A.M. S.a.s.

Non conventional machines